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Records supported by GRALmarine

Hranicka Propast 404 m

27 September 2016

GRALmarine ROV reached a depth of 404 m in Hranicka Propast cave, in Czech Republic nd established it the deepest flooded cave in the world.

You can read more in the article about ROV (PL) and in interview with Bartłomiej Grynda (EN).

Progetto Lago 360° Danilo Bernasconi

6 - 8 September 2013

Danilo Bernasconi spent  continously 50 hours under water, at a depth of 10 meters, in the Como Lake, in Italy.

Thanks to the GRALmarine underwater camera system, images of the diver were broadcasted live on the projects web site.

The diver was equipped with two GRALmarine torches KX narrow Conc. T, mounted on a helmet.

The supporting divers used GL7 LED and KILLER 6 lamp heads.

As the video light two LED 7 VIDEO lamp heads, powered from the surface, were used.


Official Project Webpage:


Krzysztof Starnawski


Deep Dive World Record with a close circuit

283 meters

Homar Leuci

9 September 2011, Italy

Free Dive World Record

86 meters

Underwater wedding

27 August 2011

Polish first and the world's largest wedding, which took place under water.
Witnesses - 273 divers - stayed under water for 25 minutes.
The ceremony was held in Jaworzno, in "Koparki" quarry.

Dariusz "Miodzio" Wilamowski

2010, Lago di Garda, Italy

Polish Record in Deep Diving, World Record in Deep Diving in a lake

264 meters

Dariusz "Miodzio" Wilamowski

2009 Lago di Garda, Italy

Polish Record in Deep Diving

245 meters

Krzysztof Polaczek

01 March 2009

World Record in diving under the ice, without fins. In 1.07' Krzysztof Polaczek swam 60 meters under the ice, in the swimming suit and mask only.  GRALmarine lighting and the camera housing were used for documenting the record.

Agnieszka Łotocka


Polish Record in the women's deep dive

154 meters

Jurek Błaszczyk

30 June 2007, The Bells (Dahab, Egypt)

Polish Record in Deep Diving

231 meters

Bogusław Ogrodnik


Project 9000, envisaged the establishing of the biggest height difference, between the highest and the lowest point.
Reaching Mount Everest gave 8848 meters and 152 meters dive resulted in a total of 9000 meters, which was the planned record.

Grzegorz "Banan" Dominik

2006, Yolanda wreck (Red Sea)

Deep Dive World Record with a close circuit

210 meters

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