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If you have any problem with your GRALmarine equipment, you want to convert, change something or give for review, contact us:


Remember that the package should necessarily include

a service form,

available here:


Special orders

You have an idea for an underwater equipment, but do not know how to perform it? Our team will take up any challenge.

Contact us:






GRALmarine products, over the years, are successfully used:

  • while attempting world records

  • during a complex cave expeditions

  • for underwater works

  • on oil rigs

  • for inspections of dams, docks, water basins, pipelines and power plant cooling systems

  • for local visions of the police needs

  • to illuminate underwater movie plans, also for cinema movie versions

  • for underwater explorations

  • for archaeological explorations

  • for sea bottom studies (ex. PAN)


 Some of our projects you can find  

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