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Underwater GRALmarine vehicle was createrd as another expression of our passion.


From the beggining, it was designed as a device to expand.

For this reason, it has a lot of space to mount additional drivers , tools (grab, grinder, etc.), underwater communication equipment (sonar, echo sounder, positioning), spatial dimensioning.


Basic parameters:

  • maximum working depth 100 meters (target 500 meters)

  • drive: five propellers: four horizontal, one vertical, vector control

  • power supply: 230 V

  • power consumption: about 0.7 kW

  • high sensitivity and resolution color camera, driven up - down 150 degrees

  • additional “reversing” camera

  • lighting: LED 2 x 48 W with adjustable light intensity, coupled with camera

  • neutral buoyancy

  • controls over optical fiber

  • video transmission over optical fiber

  • data on the LCD screen: depth, temperature, compass, power supply parameters, water alarm etc.

  • operating system: Linux


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