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"The Mighty Angel" by Wojciech Smarzowski


Underwater lighting for scenes filmed in the canals, in Kraków.



















Divemaster Zone


Demo videos for Divemaster Zone have been made using underwater camera housings and underwater video plan lighting by GRALmarine.

We were using:

2 x HMI 1200 W powered from the surface

2 x LED 7 VIDEO battery supplied

2 x camera housing

Fire Brigade

Fire Departments use many standard solutions, but also special solutions as well.

Some of the equipment ordered so far:

  • mobile set for underwater searching - the camera with lighting for the Fire Service in Świebodzin

  • underwater communication sets for the Headquarters of the Fire Brigade in Kraków, Katowice and Gdańsk

  • set for exploration in terms of disasters, consisting of: sonar, specular cameras, underwater cameras, endoscope with a length of 150 cm, panels with LCD 8"and 15", computer to record multiple video channels, track for the transmission of multi-channel image - made for Headquarters of the Fire Brigade in Katowice

  • lighting sets for divers of the State Fire Service in Gdańsk, Kraków , Katowice, Nowy Targ , Lublin, Elbląg, Łódź, Bydgoszcz, Ustka , Koszalin, Olsztyn, ...

  • underwater cameras with monitors for searching for the Fire Service in Katowice, Kraków, Nowy Targ, Warszawa

  • monitoring of underwater tour of the International Competition in Diving of Fire Service in Borne Sulinowo

  • many times supporting diving groups while exercises



"Lander" was lowered from the “Oceania” ship to take pictures of the seabottom on Spitsbergen.

Set consisted of housing for a digital camera with automatic tripping system over the bottom, HID lighting, 2 x 35 W and a camera to transfer images from the bottom to the ship.

Pictures were taken at a maximum depth of 800 m.


"Lander" was made at the request of the Institute of Oceanography of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot.

photos IOPAN







"Venice" by Jan Jakub Kolski


Underwater scenes on the movie plan of Jan Jakub Kolski "Venice" were filmed using HMI lamps GRALmarine 1 200 W.

TVP 3 Katowice

On request of TVP 3 Katowice we have prepared, inter alia:

  • set (underwater camera and underwater monitor) to explore the narrow and inaccessible for divers places, such as wrecks, traps in caves, cramped holds of ships, etc.

  • set to observe the diver with the transmission to the surface, diving for filming in extreme conditions of salinity, in a salt mine in Wieliczka

  • set to observe the diver with the transmission to the surface, to shoot during a dive to 74 meters, in the well, in Srebrna Góra

  • set to observe the diver with the transmission to the surface, to search for traps in caves, near Zakopane

Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław

At the request of the Department of Swimming we made:

  • mobile device for filming under water swimmers during competitions

  • stationary camera for observing and recording underwater video at the pool

Department of Geodesy and Navigation, University of Warmia - Mazury

GPS housing to work at a depth of 50 meters.

Coal Mine "Borynia"

On request of the “Borynia” Mine we made a waterproof housing for the camera and HID lighting for operation in difficult mining conditions (humidity, water, dust).

University of Environmental and Life Sciences

At the request of the University we have made a recording equipment for observing fish movement during testing TIM's patented device to prevent the fish from flowing into hydroelectric turbines.

Lower Silesian Opera

For the opera scenes we made a fiber optic lighting powered by high power LEDs.

Department of Hydrology, University of Wrocław

We made a device for collecting water samples from a depth of 800 meters in the desert in Mexico.



Thanks to GRALmarine equipment a film of the expedition has been realized, penetrating the wreck of Schleswig-Holstein, laying under water off the coast of Estonia.

ORP Orzeł

GRALmarine equipment: camera housing and underwater lighting were used during searching for the ORP Orzeł submarine.

Shaft "Henryk" - Wałbrzych


Our cameras were used for inspection of the flooded shaft in an old coal mine.

The works were done on behalf of the prosecution.


According to the expectations it was to be 30 meters deep, but while lowering the camera with a depth gauge, it turned out that it has a total of 117 meters.


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