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The Hunt for L72 - ORP Kujawiak

September 2014

Kowary Uranium Mine

March 2013

Sobótka Brewery




Złoty Stok

September 2010

Tuna Hastberg

We have prepared lighting for Tuna Hastberg Deep Exploration Project. The team was equipped with a reflector HMI 1 200 W, wire powered with a cable length 150 meters and a reflector HMI 200 W, battery powered.

ORP Grom


Expedition to the ORP Grom was supposed to reach the wreck, which rests on the bottom of the fjord, near Narvik, at a depth of over 100 meters. We have equipped the team in the underwater equipment to take pictures, make movies and illuminate.
These were:

  • housing for a digital camera
  • housing for a video camera
  • video light HMI 200 W
  • LED video lights
  • video recorders 'black boxes'

"Lobster" around Boleslawiec

2009 - 2010

GRALmarine video equipment and lighting were used to penetrate the former German armaments factory, near Boleslawiec, sealed since 1945.
For the initial diagnosis, we used wired cameras whose image was recorded while lowering into the flooded tunnel.
Then divers with video recorders and lighting placed on their heads, with the GRALmarine ROV, filmed inside the flooded corridors.

Marie Agnes Bystrzyca Górna

Seahorse expedition

We have prepared equipment for the team, that was searching for a Seahorse wreck from 15 / 16 century, in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

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